Management Team

The Group Executive Board implements the strategic objectives and manages the operating activities of Sandpiper Digital Payments.


Group Executive Board

Alexander Schümperli

Alexander Schümperli, Chief Operating Officer Technology
Alexander Schümperli co-founded together with the Zurich based software development company Ergonomics AG 2007 the FinTec company e24 AG. The company develops and operates integrated Mobile Payment solutions for domestic and international B2C customers. Prior to initiating the Swiss FinTec company, Alexander Schümperli worked at SAP in multiple management roles. He holds a degree at the Swiss Institut for Betriebsökonomie, Zurich. 

Andreas Gordes

Andreas Gordes, Chief Sales Officer
Andreas Gordes is active in different management positions for almost 20 years in the RFID/ Payment industry. He was amongst other things part of the construction of ACG AG (Chipbroker), construction of Novacard as the leading provider for RFID cards in Europe, the fusion of the Cardfactory AG with the Vision Card in Austria and the establishing of the Exceet Card AG. Andreas Gordes holds a degree in operation Computer Science.


Business Line Management

Sebastien Dayer Sebastien Dayer, Business Line Campus & Corporate, CEO Polyright SA
Former Sales Director DoxaWatches, General Manager Sequel AG
Peter Kooistra Pieter Kooistra, Business Line Retail & Leisure, CEO Multicard
Former Managing Director Identiv Group, Inc., Founder & CEO of Yoonison B.V.
Daniel Hofmann

Daniel Hofmann, Business Line Security & Services, CEO Ergonomics
Founder of Ergonomics AG



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