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Sandpipers payment and IT-security solutions are secure, interoperable, interactive and therefore convenient, by seamless integration of digital security technologies and data services, social media and apps, smart and connected devices, as well as multiple applications like:

  • Cashless closed and open-loop payment at point of sales (POS), kiosk, self-service machines, printing, ticketing and parking facilities
  • Digital security and identification / ID solutions for secure physical, logical and converged access, time and attendance

Enabling Digital Payments

Sandpiper is a global multi-application platform provider enabling mobile commerce, proximity marketing and loyalty, as well as digital payments based on strong digital security services and technologies.

The platform combines easy-to use hard- and software, apps and management solutions for universities, libraries, events, festivals, municipalities, fleet, transport and mobile network operators.

We provide a range of capabilities, services and solutions enabling financial institutions and other corporates, event organizers, caterers, retailers and brands to rapidly deploy highly secure digital payments and data or loyalty services.

Digital Security Technology

Digital security technologies built the fundament for seamless interoperable and interactive ID, mobile and digital payment systems and adjacent multiple applications, like physical and logical access and enhanced data or loyalty services.

Digital Payment is based on Digital Security, or more briefly said:

“It´s two sides of the same coin!”

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