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Niche Market Leaders

Sandpiper Digital Payments provides payment systems and digital security services and focuses on hard-to-reach end-customers and industries with long-term cooperation effects, e.g. events, retail, ticketing and education industry.

We aim to be market leader in each of these segments by international growth, corporate acquisitions and realizing synergy and cross-selling potentials within the group.

Enabling Digital Payments

Sandpiper Digital Payments is a global platform provider of closed-loop digital payment, proximity marketing and loyalty on mobile. We provide mobile commerce solutions to financial and educational institutions, event and mobility operators, publisher and ad-networks, retailers and brands by utilizing technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth LE, geo-fencing and QR codes.

Sandpiper Digital Payments is growing rapidly and is increasingly vital to leading mobile brands, who back Sandpiper Digital Payments' vision to simplify your world. Everyday.

Digital Security Technology

Digital security technologies built the fundament for seamless interoperable and interactive ID, mobile and digital payment systems and adjacent multiple applications, like physical and logical access and enhanced data or loyalty services. Digital Payment is based on Digital Security, or more briefly said:

“It´s two sides of the same coin!”

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