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SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG announces final annual figures for 2014

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2015-06-24 / 22:30
Release of an ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 18 KR.
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SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG announces final annual figures for 2014

- Net Loss (Swiss GAAP FER) at EUR -3.6m (previous year: EUR -0.4m)

- NAV per share according to Swiss Code of Obligation at EUR 0.23 at 31.12.2014 (previous year: EUR 0.26)

St. Gallen, June 24, 2015 - SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG (BX Berne eXchange, ticker: SDP,, Open Market, Frankfurt, ISIN: CH0033050961), announces the consolidated financial statements according to Swiss GAAP FER and the Swiss Code of Obligation for the financial year of 2014.

In 2014, SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG has converted from an investment company to a holding company, which not only appears in the change of the name. The structure of the balance sheet has changed substantially because of the new business operations. The focus used to be on minority shareholdings and low interference in the operative business of the ventures. In a holding company, the majority shareholding in companies, that are contextually associated, are consolidated and the subsidiaries' assets are accounted. Balance positions like inventories or intangible assets have become relevant assets.

In the consolidating procedure, the book value of the subsidiaries is settled with the net assets. These positions are not identical. The difference is disclosed as the goodwill. According to the newly applied accounting standard Swiss GAAP FER, the goodwill can be settled directly with the equity. Future depreciation of the goodwill is not relevant for the income statement, which is a huge advantage of this procedure. On the other side, equity has reduced dramatically. In 2014 about EUR 35.8m equity has been settled within this procedure. The subsidiaries' consolidated net asset is at EUR -3.2m. Without the settlement of the goodwill, their net asset would be at EUR 32.6m.

According to Swiss GAAP FER, SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG ends 2014 with a net loss at EUR -3.6m (previous year: EUR -0.4m). The company generated revenue in height of EUR 2.9m. (previous year: EUR 2.4m). Opposite stand operating expenses in height of EUR 7.2m (previous year: EUR 3.4m). They are divided into direct portfolio expenses (EUR 1.2m), material expenses (EUR 1.0m), personnel expenses (EUR 2.9m), depreciation and amortization of intangible assets (EUR 0.2m) and other operating expenses (EUR 1.9m).

Total current assets are at EUR 8,7m (previous year: EUR 0.4m). Cash and cash equivalents are the highest position valued at EUR 4.6m (previous year: EUR 0.03m). Total non-current assets decreased from EUR 28.6m to EUR 4.6m in 2014. Financial assets reduced in height of EUR 27.2m from EUR 28.6m in 2013 to EUR 1.4m in 2014. Short-term receivables were at EUR 0.9m (previous year: EUR 0.4m). Until December 31, 2014, equity reduced to EUR -3.2m (previous year: EUR 26.8m). This is a reduction of EUR 30m. This is mainly driven through the loss as well as the elimination of the goodwill.

The NAV per share is at EUR -0.02 (shareholders' equity divided through number of shares at the end of year). The holding's balance sheet total is at EUR 13.3m (previous year: EUR 29.0m).

In the individual statutory financial statements in accordance to Swiss Code of Obligation, Sandpiper expels a net loss of EUR -2.5m in 2014 (previous year: net income of EUR 11.5m). Equity is at EUR 34.2m (previous year: EUR 26.8m) and is shaped by the annual result and the ordinary capital increase from November 2014. The NAV per share (number of shares: 151m) according to Swiss Code of Obligation is at EUR 0.23.

The stock price at Frankfurt Stock Exchange developed from EUR 0.08 to EUR 0.20 per share despite a weak liquidity situation.

The annual report according to Swiss GAAP FER can be downloaded on the website. The Annual General Meeting takes place at July 27, 2015 in St. Gallen.

About SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG

SANDPIPER Digital Payments AG,, is a stock-listed technology holding based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The company is focused on the consolidation of the fragmented payment landscape in Europe by pursuing a "buy & build" strategy in the area of digital cashless payments and access control. SANDPIPER was established as a special purpose acquisition company in early 2014. The shares are listed on Berne Stock Exchange.

SANDPIPER is already today one of the largest providers of closed-loop payment systems in Europe. SANDPIPER solutions provide safe and intuitive payment technologies based on RFID/NFC and mobile applications for markets such as Retail, Education, Stadium, and Events.

Contact: Volker Rofalski; Tel: +41 44 783 80 49; website:

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