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Sandpiper Digital Payments is a global provider of RFID access control and cashless payment systems for sports stadiums and events. Our multi-application platform provides turnkey solutions for large scale cashless payment systems and card-based authentication/ticketing solutions.

Sandpiper Digital Payment operates the largest closed-loop cashless payment system installations in the stadiums and events ticketing market in Europe.

System components include card reader hardware, card systems, RFID modules, point of sales (POS) terminals, mobile wallets and white-label payment libraries and mobile apps enabling digital payments and access control from accreditation services to mobile payment at the POS.

The Sandpiper platform connects operators and visitors contactless, enabling brands to target their audience.

Apart from our technology and provision of services, we also offer the unique operator model that equips any business with a complete cashless payment system. Sandpiper offers the first cashless payment system to fully integrate with access control and social media RFID technology.

  • Planning, delivery and installation of all hardware and software components in a cashless system
  • Providing and integrating leading market POS systems that will suit your coverage and demands in the food service, shops and convenience areas
  • Cash clearing and accounting for all service and acceptance points
  • Reporting, accounting and business analysis


Due to the steadily growing market of leasing models for cashless payment systems, payment solution is offering a new kind of event and festival-concept since 2012. Promoter and Caterer of temporary events like music festivals and other outdoor events can benefit from the various advantages of cashless payment systems without investing in the needed hard- and software.

The system enables not only fast, easy and convenient payments in retail areas like VIP, staff, public, parking it also combines modern social media and social communication tools for organizers and their sponsors. Thanks to the online top up possibility in advance, festival visitors are joining a new  independent freedom from cash. A RFID-Chip equipped Wristband enables visitors to enter the ground and to pay with one single medium.

And top up prior the festival is not only convenient for visitors, it also equips organizers with upfront cash.


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