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Due to the steadily growing market of leasing models for cashless payment systems, Sandpiper is offering a new kind of SAAS concept for events and festivals. Promoters and caterer of temporary events like music festivals and other outdoor events can benefit from the various advantages of cashless payment systems without investing in the needed hard- and software.

Our multi-application platform provides turnkey solutions for large scale cashless payment systems and card-based authentication/ticketing solutions. System components include card reader hardware, card systems, RFID modules, point of sales (POS) and mobile terminals, mobile wallets and white-label payment libraries and mobile apps enabling digital payments, access control from accreditation and data services to mobile payment at the POS.

The Sandpiper platform enables not only fast, easy and convenient access, accreditation and cashless payments in retail areas like VIP, staff, public and parking. It also combines modern social media and social communication tools for organizers and their sponsors. The Sandpiper platform easily connects operators and young visitors, enabling brands to target their captive audience. The exclusively developed cashless payment platform fully integrates access control, accreditation, data analytical services and integration with social media and 3rd party solutions and services.

The top up prior to the festival is not only convenient for visitors, who enjoy a new independent freedom from cash, it also equips organizers with upfront cash. Sandpipers contactless and NFC technology enables visitors to enter the ground and to pay with one single medium or an NFC mobile phone. Intelligent analytical real-time data tools help the event organizer and his partners to improve revenues and margin via special campaigns, product bundling or reduced cueing during the event. Detailed data and process reviews after the event enable the operator and his partners to identify bottlenecks, improvement opportunities and new adjacent services and solutions based on the Sandpiper platform.


Mobility & Retail

Public authorities, municipalities, enterprises, financial and retail customers benefit from Sandpipers highly integrated platform for fast, easy and secure identification and payment for mobility services and adjacent multiple applications. Commuters, students, pupils and tourists use our innovative mobile ticketing and integrated closed- and open loop payment solutions for convenient, easy and multi-modal travelling, lifestyle and commerce applications.

These include applications for fueling, toll, train, ferry, bus, taxi, retail, universities, schools, sport clubs, swimming pools.

Sandpiper offers an intuitive, full front-end customer service via its online management platform for card ordering, replacement, issuance, access rights and customizable cashless or mobile wallets and apps with dedicated loyalty data and social media functionalities.

Sandpiper Digital Payments transfers your card and paper services onto mobile. To deliver long-term value from the mobile channel, you need more than just an app. You need an end-to-end integrated solution that meets the evolving needs of your consumers.

Sandpiper’s payment platform enables retail partners to deploy a scalable mobile experience. Proximity marketing, loyalty and discount programs perform better when supported by an integrated mobile experience.

As experts in mobile commerce, we can help you deploying cost effective solutions that support the entire retail proposition, which involves using the latest technologies, such as NFC and Bluetooth beacons, proximity marketing, self-service kiosk and digital payments.

Our profound experience and track record in the field of retail, loyalty and marketing service providers will ensure that your solutions reach their full potential in the mobile channel.


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